About harmony

Harmony is a Zhineng Qigong Dao de requirement and the harmonious big family has it at its core.According to Zhineng Qigong, harmony is a healthy order in the Universe, between everyone and everything. It is an order without any blocks or fixations.For human beings harmony mainly refers to a balanced, stable and centred state of mind.As practiotioners, we need to keep that kind of state when we have all kind of relationships in daily life.This state can bring health and freedom to yourself, others and create a great harmonious world.

Generally speaking, harmony includes harmony of mind, harmony between body, mind and qi, harmony between an individual person and the society, harmony between human beings and nature. In fact, when we practice Zhineng Qigong, we practice in an aware state this kind of relationship.

It is our deep wish that all Zhineng Qigong practitioners unite together in that harmony and create a new universal model of life. A new model of thinking and relating, a “big family” of likely kindred and interlinked people from all over the world, whether living together in a community or being virtually connected.

Whether physical or virtual, such relationships offer great opportunity for amplifing and spreading harmony. They surpass time and space. Practitioners are able to share their experiences, support and encourage one another. This can help us always act from our True Self, not our small self.

If practitioners from around the world give of their very best, the information and consciousness qifield will be significantly raised. The evolution of humankind will be led to a new, conscious and free level. However, if there is competition and disaccord amongst us, the purity and power of the qifield will be reduced.

If there are some disaccords between practitioners,there would be no any disaccord if we all relate to Zhineng Qigong. These disaccords only reflect practitionners’state of mind and will hopefully be overcome soon.For that, we should accept our respective shortcomings and raise ourselves to a new harmonious level.

In fact, these disaccords manifest practitioners’ inside disharmony, so it is up to them to accept it.If you find that somebody is bad and become fixed in your mind to that idea, you should stop and realise your fixation. It is in fact just reminding you about your own inside problem.Once you see through it, you will purify yourself.If you find somebody has a problem and you are not influenced, you surpassed your shortcoming and already purified yourself. That’s great!

A new Zhineng Qigong community is on its way to being built in the Wudang mountains. It is our sincere hope that more communities will spread around the world in the future.


My name is Wei Qi Feng and I’m a Zhineng Qigong practioner.Over the 20 years I have studied and practised ZQ I realised the core of ZQ practice is to build a harmonious hunyuan entirety in our life. When we do anything, we think anything, it needs to accord with the laws that benefit our life. That means we need to have a good relationship with others, society and nature. In view of this, all my teachings are based on the word ‘’harmony’.

I am building a community, to be called Harmonious Big Family. This community will manifest a new model of life, a new model of consciousness, based on hunyuan entirety theory as explained by Teacher Pang. I hope through the enlightment of this community that more and more qigong practitioners worldwide will build ZQ communities. The information from all these communities connected together can create an advanced conciousness field (yishi chang) that will help human beings quickly reach a higher level in which they find their true self. This means people will live in a state of conscious freedom where they will not be driven by a multitude of desires.

Why is this community called Harmonious Big Family? The small family of today is the product of selfishness and it brings a lot of suffering and contradictions to its members. A big family can bring many people together and break the fetters of the small family. All would live in the principle of harmony like brothers and sisters. This will build a harmonious Reference Framework inside our yiyuanti which will provide a foundation for harmonious relationships between people.

Harmonious Big Family has different levels of meaning. The first level is when practitioners have in their mind the recognition and experience that the self, society and nature constitute a harmonious entirety. The second level is that all ZQ practitioners’ thinking and actions would accord with hunyuan entirety theory and their information and qifield would merge together without conflict and with supportive harmony. Although practitioners would live in different places throughout the world, their mind field (yishi chang) and qifield would connect and unify as a harmonious big family. The third level is many qigong practitioners living and practicing together as one big family.

I am now preparing for such a community at Wudang, in the foothills of the Wudang Mountains. It will be a small community of practitioners from different countries and cultures. Here I also want organise for Chinese ZQ teachers to come and learn English so they can then take ZQ culture all over the world.

It is difficult for many foreigners to come the long distance to China so I also want to use the internet to hold qigong classes and do qigong healing. People will be able to learn qigong from their own home but have direct contact with me to connect with our information, learn ZQ theory and methods, pactice together and build a big qifield that reaches beyond the limitations of time and space in a hunyuan entirety state.