About harmony

Harmony is a Zhineng Qigong Daode requirement. According to Zhineng Qigong, harmony is a healthy order in the universe, between everyone and everything. It is an order without any blocks or fixations. For human beings harmony mainly refers to a balanced, stable and centred state of mind. As practitioners, we need to keep that kind of state when we have all kind of relationships in daily life. This state can bring health and freedom to yourself, others, and create a great harmonious world.

Generally speaking, harmony includes harmony of mind, harmony between body, mind and qi, harmony between an individual person and the society, harmony between human beings and nature. In fact, when we practice Zhineng Qigong, we practice this kind of relationship in a state of awareness.

It is our deep wish that all Zhineng Qigong practitioners unite together in that harmony and create a new universal model of life: a new model of thinking and relating, a “big family” of interlinked people from all over the world, whether living together in a community or being virtually connected.

Whether physical or virtual, such relationships offer great opportunity for amplifying and spreading harmony. They surpass time and space. Practitioners are able to share their experiences, support and encourage one another. This can help us always act from our True Self, not our small self.

If practitioners from around the world give their very best, the information and consciousness qifield will be significantly raised. The evolution of humankind will be led to a new, conscious and free level. However, if there is competition and discord amongst us, the purity and power of the qifield will be reduced.
If there is discord, disharmony, between practitioners, it will vanish when we all relate through Zhineng Qigong. These disharmonies only reflect practitioners’ state of mind and will hopefully be overcome quickly. For that, we should accept our respective shortcomings and raise ourselves to a new harmonious level.

In fact, such discords manifest because of practitioners’ inside disharmony, so it is up to each one to accept it. If you feel that someone is bad and that idea in your mind, you should stop and realise your fixation. It is, actually, just reminding you about your own inside problem. Once you see through it, you will purify yourself. If you find someone has a problem and you are not influenced, you surpass your shortcoming and already purify yourself.