2021 Level Two retreat

Level Two Retreat 29 April – 17 May (18 days)

The Level two retreat is the second part of our international teacher training class.

This course is for relatively healthy people who have learnt Level One, and want to learn, practice and teach Level Two, as well as be healthier.

Purpose and content:

  1. Consciousness merges with the body to experience the qi body state at a deeper level.
  2. Guide the qi body in the movement to clearly experience inner transformation at the layers of the skin, muscles, tendons, channels, bones and joints.
  3. Develop your inner observation abilities to experience deep level body sensation to build a stable entirety of body and mind, to know life well and see beyond physical life, forming a foundation of consciousness life.
  4. Based on your qi body state, open your whole body structures and make them flexible, beautiful and healthy, qi and blood flowing well.
  5. Practice body, mind and qi combination healing, do healing for self and others, as well as make healing plans for others.
  6. Become a Level Two teacher, leading practice and teaching Level Two: Body Mind Form, Lead Qi Along the Channels, Wall Squats…

A Level Two Teacher certificate is provided by Harmonious Big Family.

For further details please read the description of our international teacher training class.