2021 Advanced retreat

Advanced retreat: 18 May – 5  June (18 days)

The advanced retreat is the third part of our international teacher training class.

Purpose and content:

  1. Learn about yiyuanti, consciousness and Daode theory.
  2. Experience and maintain aware consciousness to move towards the true self.
  3. Improve the purity of your consciousness.
  4. Train the concentration, power, independence and confidence of consciousness.
  5. See through attachments and fixations to transform and go beyond all kinds of emotions.
  6. Develop yiyuanti’s functions, based on the second life-system to practice the entirety of body, mind, qi and the universe.
  7. Develop the paranormal abilities of yiyuanti in receiving and sending information, practice pure consciousness information healing, long distance healing and scientific experiments.
  8. Cultivate universal love and compassion to build a harmonious life, harmonious relationships and a harmonious world; enjoy an aware and harmonious entirety life in the present moment.
  9. Learn some part of Five Hunyuan Form.

An Advanced Teacher certificate is provided by Harmonious Big Family

For further details please read the description of our international teacher training class.