2017 Healing and basic level Healer Retreat

16 November – 10 December 2017 in Dali, Yunnan Province

(Middle and high-level healer retreats will be held in future years)

Healing and training of healers will be combined in an intensive course.

Participants who want to receive healing can learn and practice self-healing techniques while also receiving intensive healing from teachers, healers, classmates and through the strong qi field that will be built by everybody, heart to heart.

Healers will learn the systematic techniques of Zhineng Qigong treatment. They will have the opportunity to practice real healing and to share their healing experiences with one another.


The basic principles of Hun Yuan medical science;
Looking for the roots of illness from an entirety viewpoint;
Understanding all kinds of medicine from a new medical perspective, along with the principles of the various medical approaches;
Systematic healing techniques of Hun Yuan Medicine (eg: drawing back and focusing the mind; strengthening internal qi).

Types of training:

Talking healing + Qi field healing + Healing through one’s practice + Healing using food + FaQi.

Eligible students:

Patients and people who wish to improve their level of health;
People who want to become qigong healers;
People with natural healing abilities;

Note that we are unable to accept people with an infectious disease or a critical illness.


Harmonious Big Family will issue a Basic Level Healer Certificate to those who pass the examination; if a student does not pass, they will have further opportunities to succeed.


All five Daohearts teachers: Wei, Lu, Xi, Tao and Wang


15000 yuan for 25 days, including room, food and tuition (single room100 yuan extra per day)

A 3000 yuan advance deposit to be sent to reserve your place

(Note that transfers into Chinese yuan are now possible from most countries)

Early completion and return of the enrolment form is advised.

Get to Dali:

Fly from the airport of Beijing, shanghai, kongming, or chengdu to Dali airport.

We will ask a taxi to pick up you from Dali airport to the retreat place, this cost 100 to 150 Yuan.


Teacher Tao: