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Book 1

The Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science

 Dr. Pang

 translated by Wei Qi Feng and Patricia Fraser






Book 2                   

Later Methods Zhineng Qigong and Taiji

Dr. Pang

translated by Wei Qi Feng and Patricia Fraser





Book 3


The Foundation of Qigong Science

Translated by Wei Qifeng and Steve Merrick







translated by Wei Qi Feng and Patricia Fraser







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Many people are greatly interested in paranormal abilities. But ideas about them vary widely and understanding of them is generally very limited, often linked to superstitious or religious thinking.

Dr Pang wanted to provide a clear, structured description and explanation of paranormal abilities. He thought such abilities had an important role to play in personal and societal development. He called for practitioners to carry out scientific research that would both demonstrate their effectiveness and increase understanding of them. Video footage taken by foreign film crews in the 1990s showed how these abilities could be used, with their maininterest the curing of disease.

Paranormal Abilities: The Techniques of Zhineng Qigong Science was written by Dr Pang for the two-year teacher training class at Huaxia. It provides a systematic explanation and classification of different abilities. It describes traditional methods for obtaining and using paranormal abilitiesas well as more effective Zhineng Qigong modifications and techniques. Dr Pang’s intention was to make it easier for people to develop such abilities and to use them for the public good. In a lecture in September 1998 he stated:

“Paranormal abilities are necessary for the development of Zhineng Qigong. They are needed for each individual’s practice to reach a higher level. They are needed for qigong to reach a scientific level.“

You can read this book to better understand paranormal abilities. If you wish to develop or strengthen such abilities, use this book to guide your practice. It contains a wealth of precious information.

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Dr Pang Ming

Dr Pang on Paranormal Abilities

Introduction Index of Translation

Part One – Paranormal Abilities 15

Chapter One: Overview of Paranormal Abilities 15


Classification of paranormal abilities 16

Universality of paranormal abilities 18

Levels of paranormal ability 22


How people use paranormal abilities 31

Relationship between innate and qigong paranormal abilities 38

How to use paranormal abilities effectively 41

SECTION THREE: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PARANORMAL ABILITIES AND ORDINARY ABILITIES The relationship between paranormal abilities and ordinary abilities in the history of humans 42

The relationship between paranormal abilities and ordinary abilities in

an individual’s development 44

Ordinary abilities are the foundation for paranormal abilities 45

Development of paranormal abilities is based on ordinary abilities 46

Chapter Two: Widely Use & Develop Paranormal Abilities 48

SECTION ONE: WIDELY USE PARANORMAL ABILITIES Traditional qigong view of paranormal abilities 48

Spread use of paranormal abilities widely 49

Value of paranormal abilities in many fields 50

Using paranormal abilities to build qigong science 57

SECTION TWO: FULLY DEVELOP PARANORMAL ABILITIES Fully develop the paranormal abilities of individuals 59

Rules for developing paranormal abilities 62

The value of widely developing and applying paranormal abilities 66

Part Two – Zhineng Qigong Medicine 73

Chapter Three: Zhineng Qigong Diagnosis 76

SECTION ONE: ZHINENG QIGONG DIAGNOSIS Definition and particularities of Zhineng Qigong diagnosis 76

Classification of Zhineng Qigong diagnosis 76

Conditions required for qigong diagnosis 80

Advantages and disadvantages of qigong diagnosis 85

Correct approach to qigong diagnosis 86

SECTION TWO: THE PRACTICE OF QIGONG DIAGNOSIS Tou shi diagnosis and its practice 87

Gan zhi diagnosis and its practice 94

Gan ying diagnosis and its practice 98

How to grasp qigong diagnosis well 100

Chapter Four: Zhineng Qigong Treatment 104

SECTION ONE: OVERVIEW OF EXTERNAL QI TREATMENT History of external qi treatment 104

Scientific evidence on external qi treatment 105

Mechanism and guiding principles of external qi treatment 106

Correct understanding of external qi treatment 108

Classification of external qi treatment 110


External qi treatment combining body, qi and consciousness 111

External qi treatment combining yishi and qi 112

Consciousness treatment 118


Introduction 121

Theoretical foundation of Zhineng Qigong external qi treatment 122

Zhineng Qigong external qi treatment methods 124


Introduction to creating a qi field 132

History of zu chang 136

Methods for creating a qi field 138

Use of an organised qi field 139

HUNYUAN ENTIRETY THEORY—–The Foundation of Qigong Science

Hun yuan Entirety Theory is the main theory book of Zhineng Qigong. It is the foundation of all the Zhineng Qigong methods and the other theories. It described the laws of universe and human life. Especially, it explained the details of consciousness.
It is the principles of Qigong science.
It is the principles of all kinds Qigong and Taiji.
It is the principles of life science.
It is the foundation of a human new culture.
It is a guiding book for all the practitioners. It will bring human evolve to higher level.
The size of this book is 17mm by 24.5mm and 238 pages.
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The contents:
Chapter 1–Introduction
Chapter 2– Hunyuan theory
Chapter 3 – Entirety Theory
Chapter 4 – Human Hunyuan Qi                                
Chapter 5 – Consciousness Theory                                             
Chapter 6 – Daode theory                             
Chapter 7 – Life Optimising Theory and Hunyuan Medical Theory


The Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science

Dr Pang’s book on Zhineng Qigong methods is on sale worldwide directly from the translators by clicking on the links below.

About the book

The Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science was published in 1992 when Dr Pang set up his two-year Teacher Training class. It was produced as a textbook for those students and covers the methods they were taught. Along with the postures, movement sequences and mind activity, Dr Pang has given detailed explanations and suggestions on how to advance one’s practice. The diagrams of the original book are reproduced alongside their related text, making it easy to follow instructions.

The translation is enhanced by the addition of diagrams showing all energy points mentioned in the text, along with location instructions for each one. There is also a useful glossary of important words and concepts.

Teacher Wei and Patricia worked together on the book, beginning with three months of intensive work in Wudang and continuing through Skype and email.

Teacher Wei is eminently qualified to undertake this translation. After completing the two-year Teacher Training class, he was part of the small group chosen to teach new methods created by Dr Pang, and any modifications of existing methods. He has been teaching qigong for over twenty years and in recent years has inspired and delighted many Western qigong practitioners.

Patricia already had considerable experience in producing well-written, clear English text from qigong translations and narratives.

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 Later Methods Zhineng Qigong and Taiji 

Later Methods Zhineng Qigong and Taiji covers methods Dr Pang created between 1994 and 2000 following the publication of The Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science. Despite their importance these methods have never before been gathered together in one book.

As with the first methods book, the text is accompanied by illustrations of the postures and movements, many of them photographs. It is enhanced by the addition of diagrams showing energy points mentioned in the text, along with a location guide for each one.

The methods in this translation do not replace those of The Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science. They were mainly created as a support and supplement to them, to raise people’s level of practice and their abilities, in particular to prepare practitioners for Level Four.

Later Methods Zhineng Qigong and Taiji is of great value not only to qigong practitioners but also for anyone practising taiji or the martial arts. Taiji Ball and Straight Legs Sitting Posture are both useful for all these practices. They contain valuable explanations and insights about the functioning of the human body and how we can build our internal qi. While still relevant to those with any form of illness, they focus less on healing and more on creating a higher level of health and greater control over one’s physical and mental state. They also enable one to better develop skills important in taiji and the various martial arts.

As with The Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science, initial translation from the Chinese was by Wei QiFeng, with Patricia working alongside him over a three-month period then continuing through to publication in New Zealand.

Later Methods Zhineng Qigong and Taiji is 170mm x 245 mm and 150 pages.

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