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                   Onine Sessions Schedule

Date/timeContentTeacherRegistration Web Link
Sunday, August 10   3:00Pm-4:00PmHealing sessionQingyu
Monday, August 11   8:00Am-9:00AmLift qi up and pour qi downQingyu
Sunday, August 17    3:00Pm-4:00PmLift qi up and pour qi downQingyu
Monday, August 18   8:00Am-9:00AmLift qi up and pour qi downQingyu
Sunday, August 24   3:00Pm-4:00PmLift qi up and pour qi downQingyu
Monday, August 25   8:00Am-9:00AmHealing sessionQingyu
Sunday, August 31   3:00Pm-4:00PmHealing sessionQingyu
Monday, September 1    8:00Am-9:00AmLift qi up and pour qi downXiaofeng
Sunday, September 7    3:00Pm-4:00PmHealing sessionQingyu
Monday, September 8    8:00Am-9:00AmHealing sessionXiaofeng
Sunday, September 14    3:00Pm-4:00PmLift qi up and pour qi downXiaofeng
Monday, September 15    8:00Am-9:00AmLift qi up and pour qi downXiaofeng
Sunday, September 21    3:00Pm-4:00PmLift qi up and pour qi downXiaofeng
Monday,September 22    8:00Am-9:00AmHealing sessionXiaofeng
Sunday, September 28   3:00Pm-4:00PmLift qi up and pour qi downQingyu
Monday, September 29    8:00Am-9:00AmHealing sessionQingyu
Note:  All sessions are given in Chinese time, space is limited, find Chinese time here:



We received some wonderful feedback about our online sessions. People are enjoying the Zhineng Qigong group practices. They are also reporting improvements in the quality of their sleep,reduced aches and pains, deep inner peace, improved mood and increased energy levels. Some observed significant improvement even with serious health conditions.