Healing sessions

Remote Healing treatment

Because our yiyuanti is not limited by time and space, we can directly send powerful information treating you and your family. We also can put you in our qi field, organised in our centre for our patients. You just have to send us an e-mail with some recent photos. When we create a qi field to heal illness, your photos will be placed in this qi field. The photos are useful for visualisation of the good information we are sending to you. Give us some feedback on your situation and keep us informed on your healing process or once you are healed. Our teachers will instruct you on how or what to do to help you with becoming and staying well.

Pure Awareness therapy

At a certain level of proficiency, you can use pure awareness to heal people. Pure awareness is difficult to describe, and it needs to be experienced in order to fully understand it. At this level you can simply use your mind (yishi) and think the patient has recovered, and consequently the disease disappears. Or you can imagine any way that you like to get rid of the illness. Essentially, you are thinking of a positive change and focusing the mind on the illness to be healed. This way of healing is not limited by distance. Qinghua University had a scientific experiment tested by a qigong master, Yan Xin; he was in Guangzhou and sent qi using pure awareness (thoughts) to the laboratory of Tshua University in Beijing. As a result, the molecular structure of the water in Beijing altered. This experiment provided scientific proof of the effectiveness of pure awareness. The abilities of the qigong practitioner are important in determining the effectiveness of this form of treatment.

 Mind’s Light therapy

With eyes closed, after some training, you can imagine or really feel that your mind is combined with light. This is called mind’s light. This method focuses on that light in combination with awareness or using thought, and when effective can work in a few seconds to immediately heal illness. It works faster than pure awareness therapy. To cure a patient over a long distance, you just need to bring the image of the patient in front of you and illuminate the sick area with your mind’s light. When the sick area becomes transparent, the disease has disappeared.

Organised Qi Field therapy

Organised qi field therapy is unique to Zhineng Qigong, although other styles of qigong are now learning to make use of the qi field. In this practice, the qifield is built to contain a lot of healing information and people’s minds are mobilised to send healing information to everyone in the qi field. It can equally be used to send qi to people who are not physically present, or even are far away. When we send qi or healing information, this is a process of qi, information and the body merging together so as to bring about healing. In order for people to practice this, it is usually best for them to first practice La Qi (Pulling Qi). It can work on several, hundreds or even thousands of people at the same time.

We have several healing sessions per week. You can request the link for healing sessions from daohearts@gmail.com or find it on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harmonious-Big-Family/158633647485019