2016 Xi’an—Xining—Tibet travel retreat

A journey of Consciousness, qi and body growth

27 June—17 July

Xi’an——– Xining——— Tibet

Meditate in strong qi field, merge with ancient culture, beautiful grass land, holy mountains, desolate desert, pure lake, blue sky and free clouds

Qigong practice:

1, Open lower dantian, hunyuan qiao, shenji palace space.

2, Loosen spine, strengthening central nervous system.

3, Practice breathing method to make inner qi strong.

4, training the aware entirety, present moment state in travel time, keep kong kong dang dang, huang huang hu hu, open heart merge into the beautiful nature and ancient culture to make a happy, healthy, free new life.


27 June, We pick you up from Xi’an Xianyang airport.

28 June—4 July, stay and practice in Zhongnan mountains( the hermit mountains, thousand hermits live in this mountains.), have a couple days silence retreat, visit hermit place,Terra-Cotta Warriors, Xi’an museum , temple and other beauty points nearby.

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4 July, by train go to Qinghai province Xining city.

5 July, visit Taer Temple (big Tibet Buddhism temple) and practice there.






6—9 July, practice and play at grass land, Qinghai Lake and desert, leave in mongolian yurt.





9–10 July, by train arrive to Tibet Lhasa city.

11 July, visit holy temple The Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, experience Tibetan people life and shopping at Bajiao street.





12 July, by bus go to Lingzhi, enjoy 5013 meters mountain and all kinds of beautiful landscape, visit big water full on the way.






13 July, visit grass land and flower sea and gather beautiful qi there.






14 July, travel in Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, see beautiful water of Yarlung Zangbo river and snow mountains.






15 July, practice in Lingzhi or Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon.

16 July, return to Lahsa, have a good rest, receive gether qi and information.

17 July, Fly back to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou……change flight to go back to your home.

Teachers: teacher Wei and teacher Tao


We work with Chinese travel agent, they gave us some very useful suggestions.

1, The average altitude where we go in Tibet is 3200 meters, and the highest altitude where we will past is 5013 meters, altitude reaction is normal for some people.

(1)So the people who have high blood pressure, heart problem and asthma and the people who are more than 60 years old need go to hospital to check body and ask doctor if you can come to Tibet. These people need provide the health certificate.

(2)For prevent the altitude reaction, participants need take American ginseng and Rhodiola to adjust body function to suit the high altitude situation before go to Tibet two weeks. We will start to do it in Xi’an.

2, The Summer temperature in Tibet is 10—24 degree with strong sunshine, please prepare your proper clothes, glasses and cap.

3, Prepare some medicine for cold, headache, collywobbles and protecting heart and preventing mosquitoes is needed.

4, We leave in three stars hotel in Tibet, please bring your toothbrush, toothpaste and towel etc.

5, If someone have strong altitude reaction can not continue join the travel, we will arrange you stay at safe place.

6, Please read more information about Tibetan travel from books and internet before you come.

7, Everybody need scan your passport and send to us in advance.


The total price is 18000 RMB (around 2650 euro depend on current exchange rate) include the transport from Xi’an airport to Tibetan airport, food, hotels, travel tickets, guider, practice, medicine prevent altitude reaction. The person need single room pay extra 200 RMB per day.

After you decide to come, please transfer deposit 5000 RMB or total price 18000 RMB to our bank account. You also can transfer the rest 13000 RMB when you come to Xi’an. You can direct pay RMB or your country money depend on the exchange rate at that time.


Please ask a Hotel reservation from Shaanxi Aviation Hotel, it is near“Xi ‘an airport”, we will stay in this hotel one night on June 27 to wait all participants.

Hotel links: http://english.ctrip.com/hotels/xianyang-hotel-detail-20604/shaanxi-aviation-hotel/
and then take the Hotel reservations to the Chinese embassy to apply for a tourist visa.

(Maybe you apply for a tourist visa more professional, please according to your understanding to apply for a tourist visa.)
In addition,When them get a visa, please tell them to scan the new visa page of China, and other page which have your photo.two pages to us. the travel company need these information.(Please send to us at least 20 days in advance, we need to deal with permit for the foreign guests enter Tibet)


You need book the flights tickets by your self or together with your group.

Your departure place—–Xianyang airport(Xi’an airport)

Lhasa airport—Beijinig or Shanghai or Guangzhou or other airport—your country

Contact: daoheart@qq.com